With the advancement of technology and increasing customer needs, the development process of companies is increasing with a steep slope. Also, with the quantitative and qualitative development of business units, laws are increasing, which in addition to systematizing business affairs, have also led to costs for business units.

In our country, the managers of business units, in addition to spending high costs to respond to the laws, have caused their losses by not being properly aware of it, and even the benefits of their administrative and financial units that have been created to respond to the laws. They do not benefit.

Service is a commodity that cannot be seen and its quality cannot be examined until it is done. Therefore, in the field of services, professionals should be trusted. Lower costs do not always lead to superior services, and the price gap is always significant.

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Our Financial and Tax Services

1. Writing legal offices
2. Preparation and preparation of performance tax return
3. Preparation and preparation of value added tax declaration and quarterly transaction report (Article 169)
4. Establish internal controls
5. Carrying out all accounting affairs in the form of projects, part-time and…
6. Correct the account and fix the discrepancy
7. Preparation of comprehensive financial reports (profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, etc.)
8. Supervise the accounting operations of the business unit and submit reports to the management
9. Preparing tax defense bills and participating in review and dispute resolution boards
10. Financial and tax audit services