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About Pars Hesab Group

Pars Hesab Financial Group, relying on the knowledge and years of experience of managers, financial, tax and legal experts and using the latest information technology in the field of providing financial consulting and management services and equating the scientific knowledge of managers and experts with up-to-date knowledge Creates transformation in companies and creates real productivity and is proud to be with you on this path until the end of the road.

Pars Hesab Group Services

Value added certificate

At the discretion of the VAT area, this certificate is issued for six months or one year, after which the natural and legal persons are required to renew the credit from the tax area.

Sepidar software

One of the most important and practical educational systems in the country to enter the labor market is a technical and professional organization. The purpose of these trainings is to increase the level of knowledge, expertise and practical skills of students.

Writing offices

Writing legal books is one of the most important things that an institution should use in paying its taxes. All persons must notify the tax authority of all their financial events by registering them in the legal offices.

Tax returns

Legal entities are obliged to submit their tax return and balance sheet and profit and loss account based on their books and documents to the Tax Administration, where the legal entity is the principal place of business, and pay the relevant tax no later than four months after the tax year.

Goals of Pars Hesab Group

Pars Hesab team with years of experience in various fields of accounting, now has valuable savings. Read about us! Undoubtedly, if you are looking for the development of your company and business, our team can set a clear path for you.

Pars Hesab Institute, relying on its knowledge and experience, now offers company registration to you dear ones. Registration of companies in Shahriar and the cities of Mallard, Andisheh, Safadasht and in the west of Tehran province in general.

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