Company registration in Iran

Company registration can be one of the best ways to grow, develop and expand all businesses. Registering a company is the first step toward formalizing your business. It is often done for two purposes. Many businesses want to give their business an official and legal identity by registering their company and brand. A group of people registers a company with the intention of innovation in work and presenting new ideas or for the purpose of online business.

In Iran, the registration process is done in different ways according to the goals and type of company. Today, unlike in the past, this process is not difficult and time-consuming, and due to the development of electronic government, the steps of this work can be followed and done much faster and with less time and cost. In many cases, after registering the company, according to the type of business and economic activity, you will need to, trademark registration the brand or the services that are offered.

Advantages of Company registration

There are many benefits to trading under a Company registration. When business owners register their business in the form of a company, they can benefit from many advantages in this field. The most important advantages of registering a company are the limitation of personal liability, avoiding disputes with shareholders and conflict with founders, minimizing tax liability, legitimacy, and trademark awareness. You can also significantly increase income and profitability by attracting capital. One of the main advantages of Company registration is that it legalizes all company activities including financial, legal, executive, and insurance. It also increases the trust of customers, especially in online activities.

It can cause national and even international levels should be raised. It gives all company programs and plans an official and legal aspect. In this way, the number of shares, profits, and responsibilities are determined and the shareholders, founders, and partners are assured of the company and all the company’s contracts. It will lead to winning government tenders, auctions, and concluding large contracts with large investors.

Types of companies in commercial law

Before registering the company, it is necessary to get acquainted with the types of companies that can be registered in Iran. According to the registration rules, including commercial, civil, and public accounts, the way of company registration is divided into three categories: government, civil (non-commercial), and commercial. Civil companies are established in two types, for-profit and non-profit. Business companies include eight different types. These companies include:

  • Public Company
  • Privately held company
  • Limited liability company
  • Relative company
  • General partnership
  • Joint-stock company
  • Non-stock mixed company
  • Production and consumption cooperative company

Any type of company whose investment is made through the government is called a government company. Civil companies are often conducted between individuals with a common activity. In this type of company, profits and losses are the same and equal among all partners. The characteristics of commercial companies are the clarity of profit and loss, business and commercial exchanges, and the cooperation of two or more people.

Company registration steps in Iran

The conditions of Company registration in Iran, like any other process, are based on special laws that speed up the registration process. The first step is to determine the type of company to register. Choosing business partners, shareholders and the number of members is one of the most important issues due to the importance of partnerships and people. The issue of determining the position and limits of authority of all members is the next issue. Choosing the company’s brand will be a very important issue in the company’s future activities.

Another important point in the registration process is determining the field of activity of the company. Some fields of activity have special conditions for registration (a license must be obtained before Company registration, such as tourism companies or legal institutions). Any company that is formed and registered in Iran must comply with Iran’s business laws. And at the end, it is necessary to publish the registration notice in the official newspaper of the country.

Documents required for company registration

You are able to set up a company in Iran remotely, but we need your passport and an Iranian telephone line that we can provide for you. If you want to set up a Limited liability company no need to deposit money to account. To register an L.L.C. in this country, the minimum paid-up share capital required is only €5. The cost of registering a company in Iran starts at $100 and can go up with other fees, including the official newspaper and tax code.

Documents you need:

Certified identity copy of applicant. Certified copies of the Identity Documents or passport of the Directors and Incorporators. The name confirmation certificate, if applicable. Power of attorney (if applicable). For trust or company/juristic person as an incorporator, the duly authorized representative’s resolution, and certified ID copy must be attached.

Can foreigners register a company in Iran?

All foreign (non-Iranian) natural and legal persons may register companies in Iran and own 100% of such company shares and may also establish partnership with Iranian nationals with any ratio and register their companies. A variety of companies may be registered as per Iranian law.

  • The company can be registered in Iran with 100% foreign ownership
  • This means that a foreign company can take ownership of the property in iran
  • There are various types of companies in Iran
  • We offer to foreign persons registered limited liability company in our country
  • Perhaps the most important reason is the need for two people to register this type of company
  • The legal requirements for registering a limited liability company are easier for foreigners
  • In order to register a company in Iran, foreigners must first get a comprehensive national code

The comprehensive national code is like the national number for Iranians

  • A foreigner in Iran is known by a comprehensive national code and through it he can carry out his activities
  • To obtain a comprehensive national code, you must provide a copy of your passport to the Dadmehr Law Firm to take legal action to obtain it
  • Leave the registration of your company in Iran to the lawyers and legal advisors of the Dadmehr Legal Institute
  • Dadmehr Law Firm has helped foreign individuals and companies set up businesses. Our lawyers are familiar with the Iranian business framework and will meet your needs accordingly
  • Our lawyers will register your company as soon as possible

Cost of registering a company

Several factors influence the cost of establishing a company and registering a brand. In general, the cost is divided into several parts. Each type of company has a different establishment cost, so the cost will vary according to the type of company.  There is a separate cost for preparing company documents and sending them to the Companies Registry. As you know, in order to register a company, a public advertisement must be published in widely circulated newspapers, and the cost of printing the advertisement must also be taken into account. Also, if you have taken help from legal consulting companies to register your company and trade name, the cost of these companies’ services should also be paid. It should be noted that the payments to the registry office include registration fees (proportionate to the amount of the initial capital), mailing, and naming.

How to brand registered?

Registering a brand is used to identify the company and its services and products. On the other hand, trademark registration prevents abuse by competitors. Most brands consist of a number of elements such as identity, image, personality, and character. To register a business brand, you must go through four main steps:

The first step is to choose the brand name and trademark. Choose a name that does not have registration restrictions. Then you should check whether your chosen brand is already registered or not. After choosing a name and asking for brand registration, it is necessary to complete the documents. Brand registration documents are slightly different for natural persons and legal entities or companies. The last step is to register a declaration for a brand or trademark. In other words, after completing the necessary documents, you must register electronically in the intellectual property system of the country’s document and real estate registration organization. Then get the signature certificate confirmation for the registered user account from the notary.